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Whether you visit the Glass Barn during the Indiana State Fair or during a school field trip, you’ll get a first-hand look at Indiana farm life and how technology continues to improve it. Enjoy hands-on exhibits and discover the journey your food takes from farm to fork, all within an inviting, fully modern building. 

Visit the Glass Barn during the Indiana State Fair and video chat with farmers and experience our interactive exhibits.

Learn everything you need to know to plan your trip to the Glass Barn.

Schedule a field trip for your class. The State Fairgrounds Global Barns Initiative has programs geared towards pre-K students through seniors in high school.


1202 East 38th Street
Indianapolis IN, 46205


9am - 9pm during the state fair

General Info

If you plan to visit, get your State Fair tickets here. The rest of the year, the Glass Barn is open by appointment only to educators and their classes. Click here to sign up your class. Email The Barns at to sign your class up or questions call 317-927-7568.

Glass Barn Email:

Glass Barn Phone: 317-347-3620

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From 38th Street, enter Gate 1 and loop left around the fairgrounds. The Glass Barn is on the north side of the track next to the Farm Bureau Building.
From Fall Creek, enter Gate 6 and loop right around the fairgrounds. The Glass Barn is on the north side of the track next to the Farm Bureau Building.

Interactive Exhibits 

The Glass Barn’s interactive exhibits are engaging and challenging to make learning fun and increase retention. 



This video theater experience allows visitors to connect with the farmers who grow their food. They get to meet real farmers via a live video chat, take a virtual tour of farms and watch videos portraying what it’s really like to be an Indiana farmer.

a large interactive display highlighting farmers at the glass barn exhibituFARM

A lively interactive farming game that allows four people at a time to compete to grow the most food. 

exhibit with learning stations that have controllers and on-table screen 



Snap a photo in front of a green screen and, using special effect technology, we’ll create a postcard with your image in front of a farm! Email the postcard to your friends and family.

a photo taking exhibit with green screen background


Connect the food you eat with the farmers who grow it in this interactive grocery store. Play games on touchscreens and learn about how soybean farmers are growing enough food to feed you and a growing population.

you eat self checkout display at the glass barn

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