From the food you eat, to the fuel you put in your car, farming is a part of your daily life. When you visit the Glass Barn you’ll learn how agriculture benefits our state and get to know local farm families through interactive games and exhibits.

Our doors are open to the public each August during the Indiana State Fair and to classroom field trips year-round.

Sharing the Farm Table

Sharing the Farm Table is a celebration of food, family and Indiana farming.

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Meet Indiana Farmers

Meet Indiana farmers, learn about modern farming practices and discover the many uses for soybeans.

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Food Facts

Answers to some questions you might have had while browsing the aisles of your favorite grocer.

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Educational Resources

Tools to help explain modern farming to students – everything from children’s books and curriculums to chemistry kits.

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Visit the Glass Barn

Our exhibits, location information and everything you need to know to plan a visit.

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Indiana State Fair

One of the best times to visit the Glass Barn is during the Indiana State Fair.

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