Two BRAND NEW books have been added to the Barnyard Chronicles Series and are available for free for Indiana youth.

Ag-Vengers is a graphic novel that takes upper elementary school students on an adventure to a modern farm. Follow characters, Sarah and Josh, as they solve riddles, collect coins, and try to beat the game! (3rd-5th grade)

Barnyard Chronicles, Volume V called “Where is Lucy,” takes lower elementary school students on a hunt to find Lucy the Chicken. Coloring pages, classroom and home activities are scattered throughout the book, which makes them easy to pair with our FREE soybean crayons. (K-2nd grade)

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These materials are paid for by Indiana farmer checkoff dollars, and therefore only Indiana requests will be filled. Thank you for understanding. Please allow 4 weeks for processing and delivery. We cannot guarantee on-time delivery if requests are made without sufficient lead time.  Please email or call 317-644-2791 with any questions.

Other Barnyard Chronicles Books are available for reading online by clicking on the images below.

Volume I: Charlie’s Rescue – Starring “Albert The Pig”

Take a tour inside of a pig farm, where you’ll learn about how pigs are cared for from the minute they’re born, what they eat and why they’re important to us.

Volume II: Community Day – Starring “Lucy The Chicken”

Experience a day in the life of a chicken. Learn what happens in a hatchery, what different egg grades mean and how chickens are raised.

Volume III: Game Show – Starring “Clarabelle The Cow”

“Life’s a beach.” Did you know that some cows sleep on sand to make them more comfortable? Others even sleep on water beds. Learn more about dairy cows and how Indiana families take care of them every day.

Volume IV: The Scavenger Hunt – Starring “Albert The Pig” And “Lucy The Chicken”

Volume IV takes students through a variety of scavenger hunts. Follow along as Lucy and Albert learn about modern farming technology and identify items made from corn and soybeans.

Activities And Lesson Plans

Click on the links below to download additional lesson plans and activities for your classroom.

Watch The Videos For Volumes I – III Below.