Field Trips

Farmer Grants Available to Send a Class on a State Fair Field Trip! 

Any Indiana soybean farmer can apply for a grant to send a school, classroom or grade level to the State Fair for an exclusive field trip. A Glass Barn visit is part of each Field Trip experience.

Each grant will cover student fees ($4/student) and up to $400 in transportation costs up to 150 students + chaperones. Please be sure the school of your choice is interested in the opportunity before applying for the grant.

Apply by September 30th Here.

Learn more about the available field trips below. 


If you are NOT applying for a grant, school field trips are scheduled through the Indiana State Fair’s Global Barns Initiative. Email The Barns at thebarns@indianastatefair.com to sign your class up or questions call 317-927-7568. Click here to learn more and to schedule a trip: http://www.in.gov/statefair/barn/


Fall & Spring Programs

Farm to Pizza

Designed for Pre K - to 2nd-grade students, this program uses the ingredients on pizza to reveal the origins of what we eat. Students will interact with livestock, work on a mock farm and create their own pizzas. Choose from two pizza options: Option 1 – make an English muffin pizza as one of the 30-minute rotations ($4.00 per person).  Option 2 – make half of 7” pizzas during lunch after other rotations are completed ($5.00 per person). All attending adults will pay the same price as students. Teachers attend for free.

Plants, Animals, and Me

Designed exclusively for 3rd graders, Plants, Animals, and Me will help students understand how plants, animals, and humans are dependent on each other. They’ll complete activities in the greenhouse, visit with animals and learn how humans can protect both fauna and flora. The field trip fee is $4.00 per student. Teachers are free. And additional adults are $4.00 each.

The program will help them understand the complexity of the issues surrounding the biotechnology movement. Students will participate in fun hands-on experiments that will explain key aspects of GMOs using soybeans. The field trip fee is $4.00 per student. Teachers are free. And additional adults are $4.00 each.


a boy wearing stripe long sleeve shirt playing with an exhibit at the glass barn

Exploring Biotech

Designed for 4th - to 8th-grade students, this program allows students to participate in fun hands-on experiments that explain key aspects of Biotechnology utilizing soybeans. We have selected experiments and activities for each grade level based on academic standards.  The field trip fee is $4.00 per student. Teachers are free. And additional adults are $4.00 each.

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