Soybeans are Indiana’s second largest crop (corn is the largest). And the yields we produce make our state the 3rd largest soybean producer in the United States. Nearly 10 percent of our nation’s soybean crop is grown right here in Indiana. 

What’s so great about these little beans? For one, they’re a great source of protein. Per acre, soybeans produce more protein than any other crop. But what really sets them apart is how versatile they are. They’re not only a great food source for humans and livestock, they produce oil that is used for cooking. Did you know that if it’s labeled vegetable oil in the grocery, it’s soybean oil? Soybeans can also be made into hundreds of products – everything from tofu to plywood, plastics, candle wax and crayons.


Check out some of the products made from Indiana Soybeans.


Soybean ink is now used in 95 percent of circulating newspapers. It is also used in magazines, textbooks and brochures.

Livestock Feed

Soybean meal is used as a feed ingredient for pigs, poultry, cows and fish.

Candle Wax and Crayons

Soybean candle wax and Prang brand soybean crayons started right here in Indiana, thanks to Purdue University students who created them as part of the Student Soybean Innovation Competition.

Daily Hygiene Essentials

That is right! Items such as your toothpaste, shampoo, handwash and sanitizer.


Soy-based paints are non-toxic, because the petroleum is replaced with soybean oil.

Carpet Backing

Soy-backed carpet replaces over 90 percent of the petroleum-based polymers with a bio-based polymer derived from domestically grown soybeans.

Concrete Sealant

Soy-based concrete sealant provides protection against water, salt and freeze-thaw damage up to 10 times longer than other sealant products. Used on major highway projects, bridge construction and other large-scale roadway infrastructure applications, soy-based concrete sealant is safe to apply and biodegradable. It was developed through a partnership with Indiana Soybean Alliance, Purdue and the Indiana Department of Transportation.


Soybeans can be made into renewable biodiesel, a fuel that can be used in any vehicle that runs on diesel fuel. Farmers often use biodiesel in their tractors and combines on their farms. The tractors that pull the shuttles at the Indiana State Fair run on biodiesel and even many school buses use biodiesel to transport kids between home and school! Click here to find a location with biodiesel near you! 

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