The Indiana Soybean Alliance and the Indiana Corn Marketing Council are committed to ag education and partner to sponsor field trips at a free or discounted rate for students across the state of Indiana through The Glass Barn initiative. These field trips are offered at Fair Oaks Farms, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and at The Glass Barn at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. See below to learn more about the offerings at each location and to register!

School field trips at The Glass Barn are scheduled and managed through the Indiana State Fair’s Global Barns Initiative. “The Journey of Corn” virtual field trip is for elementary school students, and teaches students about corn farming and where their food comes from. The Indiana Corn Marketing Council covers the cost of the virtual field trips for all students/classes that sign up ($5 value per child). The “It’s All About the Genes” virtual field trip teaches middle school students about soybean genetics and biotechnology. The Indiana Soybean Alliance covers the cost of the virtual field trips for all students/classes that sign up. ($5 value per child) Email, call 317-927-7568, or click here to learn more and to schedule a trip.


In the “Behind the Genes” field trip developed by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, middle school students will explore the genotype and phenotype of conventional and genetically modified soybeans through visual observation, protein testing, and DNA extraction. Visit The Children’s Museum’s Field Trip page to learn more and call 317-334-4000 to sign your class up. The Indiana Soybean Alliance sponsors free in person and virtual field trips for all classes that sign up.


Learn about our ever-changing planet, how we are feeding 7 billion people and counting and see how we’re leading the future of food at the Fair Oaks Farms Crop Adventure! There’s no better place on Earth to learn about and experience modern farming than Fair Oaks Farms. In addition to the reduced fee ($3) for Indiana students who visit the Crop Adventure, Indiana Soybean Alliance sponsors a transportation grant to help classes get to the Fair Oaks campus. Learn more about their field trip options at the Fair Oaks Farms website and click here to sign your class up.