Need an eye-catching way to teach 3rd, 4th and 5th graders cool technology on the farm, the many uses of soybeans and the environmental benefits of farmers using biotechnology? Our soybean and corn educational displays are just what you need. Available for loan, each display comes equipped with talking points, best-use guidelines, suggested activities and a shipping label for easy return shipping. Pair a display with our soy crayons or Barnyard Chronicles books for a complete learning experience.

Educational Displays

Order soybean and corn educational displays for your class or Ag event.

Fill out the form below to request Educational Displays. For more information on these displays, contact us at or 317-347-3620.

These materials are paid for by Indiana farmer checkoff dollars, and therefore only Indiana requests will be filled. Thank you for understanding. Please allow 4 weeks for processing and delivery. We cannot guarantee on-time delivery if requests are made without sufficient lead time. Please email or call 317-644-2791 with any questions.