What’s the life of an Indiana farmer like? Not all that different from yours.

You manage your gardens to prevent weeds and bugs. You fertilize your plants. So do farmers, but on a larger scale. They provide their crops with the necessary nutrients to grow, while protecting those crops from outside threats. Plus, they follow guidelines set forth by the USDAEPA and FDA every step along the way.

You rely on technology. They do, too – for things like weather, soil testing and distributing water and nutrients with greater accuracy. They also use high-tech farm equipment to plant their crops. They microchip their livestock and use digital devices to keep track of an animal’s health. You take medicine when you’re sick. Farmers give their livestock advanced medicine when they’re sick.

Sure, farmers work long hours and know more about plants and animals, but they also enjoy many of the same pastimes as you.

Watch the video below to learn more about life on a farm.