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Our Favorite Dips and Dunks

If you were to ask someone that lives outside of the state what comes to mind when they think of Indiana, chances are they would say one of two things: basketball or corn. Indiana’s rich soil and humid summers are perfect for growing all kinds of corn, and we have a deep, long-standing love of basketball that was made iconic with the classic film Hoosiers. Maybe that’s why a big box of concession stand popcorn and a good basketball game go so well together?

Speaking of popcorn, did you know that Indiana ranks #2 in popcorn production in the United States? Indiana farmer Joe Tuholski has been growing popcorn on his Mill Creek, Indiana farm for years. To learn amore about Joe’s operation, as well as several other Hoosier farmers, check out our Indiana Farm Families page!

Popcorn is just one type of corn that Indiana grows in abundance! We also produce a lot of field and sweet corn! What’s the difference in the three? The magic is in the kernel! Field corn is also known as dent corn because as it dries, the centers collapse creating a dent. Popcorn is small and round or pointed at one end. To learn more about the differences in popcorn and field corn, visit The Farmwife Crafts blog post, Popcorn or Field Corn…What’s the Difference?

With the NCAA Tournament approaching, there’s bound to be some game viewing in your household. What goes better with a great game than a delicious dip? Whip together one (or more!) of our favorite dips and the night is sure to be a slam dunk, no matter which team wins!

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Sloppy Joe DipBeyer Beware

Ugly Bean DipThe Farmwife Crafts

White Pizza DipPlowing Through Life

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