Indiana Farming

Grow your understanding of agriculture in Indiana.

While the basic methods of farming have been around for centuries, today’s Indiana farmers are far more advanced and efficient. They now use science and technology to predict the weather, fertilize the soil and produce more food for a growing population. Learn how they do their jobs, how they get their crops to market and how what they grow or raise benefits different products.

Meet Indiana Farmers

Get to know the Indiana farm families featured in the Glass Barn, read farmer blogs and watch videos.

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Modern Farming Practices

Discover how Indiana farmers keep the food they grow safe, take care of the environment, select seeds, raise livestock and use technology.

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Soybean Uses

More than a great source of food and feed, soybeans are used to make household products such as crayons, nontoxic paints and candles.

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Educator Resources

Tools to help youth learn about farming – everything from children’s books to chemistry kits and downloadable worksheets.

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Visit the Glass Barn

Our exhibits, location information and everything you need to know to plan a visit.

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Answers to common questions about Indiana farming methods, GMOs and biotechnology.

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