Soybean Crayons

In 1994, Indiana soybean farmers and Purdue University students introduced soy crayons to the marketplace through the Student Soybean Innovation Competition.

Not merely a substitute for petroleum-oil-based wax crayons, soybean crayons perform better. Their colors are brighter and page strokes are smoother. With their unique soybean oil formulation, soybean crayons are both nontoxic and environmentally friendly. They include no paraffin wax and are made from 100% renewable resources. Look for them in art stores marketed under the Prang brand.

a blue box of prang soybean crayons


Order four-packs of soy crayons for your class or Ag event.

Fill out the form below to request crayons for your class or Ag event. Don’t forget to try them out on our farming coloring sheets, downloadable on our Additional Educational Resources page. 


These materials are paid for by Indiana farmer checkoff dollars, and therefore only Indiana requests will be filled. Thank you for understanding. Please allow 4 weeks for processing and delivery. We cannot guarantee on-time delivery if requests are made without sufficient lead time. Please email beanteam@indianasoybean.com or call 317-644-2791 with any questions.

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