Educator Resources

Bring the Glass Barn into the classroom.

Don’t just get your students thinking about farming. Engage them. Whether they are third graders or seniors in high school, our wide variety of educational tools will help you grab your students’ attention and keep it. More than just reading materials, these tools are fun and hands-on.

To request any of the free materials on this site, fill out our online formPLEASE NOTE: Brand New Books are in development and will be available on May 1, 2019. We do not have enough supply of the old books to fulfill requests from now until May 1, 2019 and will not be ordering more old books. Thanks for your patience! For more information about our educational materials, contact us at beanteam@indianasoybean.com or 317-347-3620.

Barnyard Chronicles Books

With this series of books, show children what life is like from the animal’s point of view.

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Soybean Crayons

Put a product made with soybean oil right in your students’ hands. Soybean crayons are a fun way to demonstrate the many practical uses of soy.

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Soybean Educational Displays

Colorful and visually stimulating displays to help teach students about farm technology, soybean uses and biotechnology benefits.

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Get Biotech Smart

View, read and download biotech lesson plans, specifically for science teachers who work with grades 6 through 12.

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Hoosier Horsepower Biodiesel Lesson Plans

View, read and download biofuel lesson plans, for elementary, middle school and high school aged students.

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Additional Educational Resources

Coloring pages, fact sheets, information about careers in agriculture and links to other state and national resources.

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Visit the Glass Barn

The Glass Barn is part of the Indiana State Fair’s Barns Global Learning Initiative, gives teachers, students and families an up-close, hands-on look at Indiana’s agriculture industry. Learn how you can visit.

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