Summer is here in Indiana, and wow is it in full swing! As the temperatures and corn grow sky high, many of us are reaching for our swimsuits and an ice-cold beverage to help battle the heat. Farmers are reaching for those ice-cold drinks, too, but they’re also doing all they can to help their livestock stay cool!

We’ve all heard we should keep our cats and dogs inside as much as possible during extreme temperatures. Did you know that many farmers use the same concept to keep their livestock safe? Temperature controlled barns, fans, controlled air flow, and misters are all tools farmers use when the heat outside reaches uncomfortable and even unsafe levels for livestock. For animals that reside primarily outside, shade from shelters and trees and water sources are important resources. Learn more about all the ways farmers work to keep livestock cool in the summer and warm in the winter in Marybeth from My Fearless Kitchen’s post, Why do Farmers Keep Animals Inside?

When the temperatures get high in Indiana, we Hoosiers know something exciting is just around the corner! Long, hot days mean that the Indiana State Fair can’t be far away! We are so excited to welcome you back to the fairgrounds this year! This year’s fair runs from July 30th through August 22nd, and The Glass Barn will be open and ready for you! To see what we have in store, check out The Glass Barn’s website! To see what all is happening during the fair, visit!

Feeling hot, hot, hot! And we’re not just talking about those summer in Indiana temperatures! If you can’t beat the heat, why not try to match it with these delicious Hot and Spice Recipe ideas!

Sweet and Spicy Rub from Beyer Beware

Chorizo and Potato Hash from The Cross Roads

Spanish Rice from The Farmwife Cooks

Jalapeno Margarita from The Farmwife Drinks

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Glass Barn Info

1202 East 38th Street Indianapolis, IN 46205 | 317.347.3620
9am – 9pm during the state fair

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